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Compressed air is the one major energy source for manufacturing and process plants that is still commonly wholly-owned and managed by plants themselves. This takes capital, time, and manpower away from your operation and pours it into a machine that will only depreciate and break down over time. 


Let us turn your air needs into a fourth utility, taking the responsibility and financial burden off of your shoulders. You pay a monthly fixed rate and air is there when you need it. Simple as that.
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atlas copco air compressor

Benefits of Air as The Fourth Utility:

  • Major capital (for the purchase and maintenance of a compressed system) can be allocated elsewhere within the business
  • Money no longer invested in depreciating assets can be used in areas with return on investment, potentially making you money
  • Fixed monthly utility rate or lease options with accompanying tax write-offs
  • No unexpected emergency rental costs
  • Plant maintenance personnel no longer have to manage compressed air issues
  • Eliminate the stress and inevitable fees associated with ownership
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