Slide ARCAS Advanced Response Compressed Air Solutions
Take more control over the most important utility in your plant with our innovative compressed air container. We build the compressor from the ground up based on your unique needs, focused on reliability and energy efficiency. Our controls are fully customizable and easy-to-use, ensuring you (and your service provider) know what’s going on with your plant’s COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM at all times.  
The product and software prioritize easy maintenance and proactive prevention, increasing uptime and life expectancy, while decreasing costs. All the power, with a lot less pain. 

Our 100% oil-free compressor is Class 0 specified for industries such as pharmaceutical, food services, semi-conductor, etc. Stainless steel piping and moisture separators ensure no particulates enter the air stream as the compressor ages. Oil-free means less maintenance than diesel drive equipment with higher flow rates.

The modular system is designed and built to your specific target needs on flow and pressure, with the ability to modify additional flow rates or redundant systems on short notice. Our 2 stage design offers optimal dynamic efficiency and gives you the opportunity to qualify for energy rebates.
Fully customizable, we create the compressor your industry and operation requires. Our modular design includes quick connections for rapid service response and our stations are shipped ready-to-use. With options for short-term rental or leasing, the large investment and cost of depreciation disappear.

We offer software that’s customizable and sequencer compatible with interface capabilities to plant BMS or DCS systems, with operational and monitoring Modbus design. No need for cloud-based subscriptions, so you own your data and have the most cost-efficient remote access. The main dashboard is user-friendly and allows for remote monitoring / operation via desktop or mobile app.

Includes proprietary stainless-steel piping & moisture separator and decentralized oil cooling for peak performance even in harsh environments or cold weather. The primary oil/after-coolers can be removed and cleaned in 30 minutes with quick connection and hinged service ports.

Unlike most “over-the-fence” options, where the compressor is in an OEM unit box that is placed inside a bigger box, our entire system is custom designed and made with industrial materials that last. We build the compressor from the ground up, not pieced together with aftermarket additions. The controller schedules preventative maintenance, dramatically decreasing the odds of a breakdown.

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