We Service All Major Brands

Atlas Copco- Ingersoll Rand - Sullair - FS Curtis - Quincy - Gardner Denver - Grimmer Schmidt - Kobelco KNW - Cameron - Pneumatech - Great Lakes Air - CompAir - Hankison - Elgi - & More.


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Complete Rebuilds

Rotary Screw - Reciprocating - Centrifugal

We rebuild compressors, from air ends to motors.  Our rebuild service is top of the line. We don't cut corners, but we work quickly and efficiently to turn your unit around.

Emergency Service

We provide around the clock emergency service available to you whenever and wherever you need.  We are dedicated to serving you, even in your most desperate times.  Call 800.788.0307

Preventative Maintenance is a scheduled maintenance plan designed to prevent mechanical and technical failures within compressed air machinery.  We like to call Preventative Maintenance by its initials, P.M.  PM's are scheduled in advance based on the type of machine and the amount of usage.  The goal of preventative maintenance is to predict possible negative situations and to create a plan providing positive solutions that benefit rather than defect.

Preventative Maintenance Plus is designed completely for the customer.  Not only does a Preventative Maintenance Plus program prevent mechanical and technical failures, but also provides insurance.  Our sales team is dedicated to providing the best predictive, fixed - cost maintenance program on the market.  We will use our highly skilled experience and resources to customize a program for your needs.  This program is beneficial to the customer first, providing a fixed - cost rate dependent upon statistics and educated prediction.

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